About us

Web Technology Philippines

Yeastar Philippines is part of Web Technology’s Distribution arm. Web Technology is a Philippine owned and operated distributor of leading technology products which includes security systems, communication and innovative products.

A key element of our strategy is to provide a better solution by acquiring cost effective products that are Innovative, leads in Industrial Design, Cool, Functional & Value oriented. Web Technology have built a strong reputation of fast, friendly, reliable service, Yeastar’s products are very much aligned to our corporate mission to provide an affordable, high quality products. Web Technology continues to invest in innovative alternative products and services to best serve our Industry and this partnership allows us to continue to do so. Together with Yeastar, we strive for top class performance in everything we do on behalf of our reseller partners.

The Manufacturer

Below is an impression of the Yeastar factory. In this factory the circuit boards are produced and assembled for all the Yeastar products. The complete process is according to the ISO9001 standard. FCC EMC (Part15B) and CE(ERP, EMC, LVD) Certified, Yeastar boasts to have strong R&D capability, with great concerns over the user’s health and ensures all the products are eco-friendly Passing the ROHS standards and has reached international leading level both in product safety and production standardization and specialization.

Yeastar specializes in the development and manufacturing of IP-PBX, VoIP gateways, and IP video surveillance products and is committed to the distribution of new generation technology products in the field of enterprise communications. In the mean time, Yeastar provides the cost-efficient solutions for ITSP to develop the enterprises ultimate purchase market.

MyPBX - IP-PBX Solutions

All-in-one telephony solution, feature rich PBX for every-day use. Small offices, businesses up to Enterprise workhorse.

IP-PBX Solutions

Yeastar provides the solution from 30 to 300 users we got it. Affordable, yet fully-featured embedded hybrid IP PBX with ISDN BRI and PSTN connectivity, providing a cost-effective solution for your business.

VoIP Gateway Solutions

Bridging the gap between FXS, FXO, GSM, PRI, BRI and VoIP networks.


Connecting GSM Network to VoIP Network directly, Supports two-way communication: GSM to VoIP or VoIP to GSM. It is the best solution ever to connect IP-based telephone systems, soft switches, and IP-PBXs to GSM network.

Standalone NVR's

We provide sophisticated solutions for a wide range of industry segments and applications.

Recovision Standalone NVR

Recovision NVRs are ideal tools to ensure security and build safer cities. By reducing investigation time and recording what you focus on in more complex public environments, it quickens the process of identifying what is happening and taking action.

Yeastar designs, deploys and delivers innovative IP solutions to worldwide applications and maintains the long-term stability of products to greatly benefit users. Yeastar is consistently recognized in VoIP industry and IP surveillance industry for the innovative and high-performance professional networking products.

Yeastar team gave an insight into users’ requirements and is ready to listen to their new demands for implementing in the product design and services. We welcome the cooperation from various kinds of companies and will sincerely treat them to create the multi-win situation together.

With professional and high quality team, many of us are seasoned experts in VoIP and IP surveillance industry. A close-knit organization that we are, we aspire, work and achieve together. At Yeastar, we have built a tradition of teamwork. Innovation is our chief motivation; everyone strives to come up with newer, more stable software and hardware products suitable for the users.