Yeastar P570: Your Ultimate Communication Solution in the Philippines

The Yeastar P570, tailored for businesses in the Philippines, is a powerful communication solution. This PBX system stands as a high-performance choice, catering to the communication requirements of companies in various sectors. Let’s delve into the core features and benefits of Yeastar P570 in the Philippines.

Revolutionizing Communication in the Philippines

Yeastar is a cutting-edge PBX system, expertly combining advanced technology with user-friendly features designed with the Filipino market in mind.

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Flexibility and Scalability

A defining characteristic of the P570 is its flexibility and scalability. Be it a small business or a large enterprise; this PBX system can adapt seamlessly to your communication needs.

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High-Quality Voice and Video

In the Philippines, effective communication is vital, and Yeastar P570 ensures crystal-clear voice calls and high-quality video conferencing.

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Local Support and Expertise

Yeastar understands the importance of local support. In the Philippines, you can count on dedicated partners and resellers for expert guidance and maintenance of your Yeastar P570 system.

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Yeastar P570 offers feature-rich communication without breaking the bank, reducing expenses while maintaining top-notch performance.

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Seamless Integration

The Yeastar P570 effortlessly integrates with third-party applications and services, making it a go-to choice for businesses with diverse requirements.

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Why Choose Yeastar in the Philippines

In summary, Yeastar P570 tops the list of PBX systems in the Philippines, delivering superior features, local support, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration.

In conclusion, for a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective communication solution in the Philippines, Yeastar P570 is your answer. Enhance your business communication with this exceptional PBX system. Connect with local Yeastar partners to explore the benefits for your business. Choose the P570 for communication that aligns perfectly with the unique needs of the Filipino market.

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Yeastar P570
Base Users / Max Users 300 / 500
Max Concurrent Calls 60 /120
Max FXS Ports 16
Max FXO/BRI Ports 16
Max GSM/3G/4G Ports 6
Max E1/T1/J1 Ports 2