Callback configuration

When the callback feature is enabled, the user could dial an inbound route number and hang up after hearing the ring back tone or wait to be hung up by the system automatically. Then MyPBX will call the user via the trunk. After the call is get through, the user could dial the number he wants to call. If you would like enable the Callback feature, please configure as below:

  1. Select ”Internal Settings”->”Callback Settings”, and in the “New Callback” page, enter the number that is allowed to be called back, i.e. Callback Number.(e.g. 15960111111)
  2. Select “Inbound Call Control”-> “Inbound Routes”, and select “Yes” for “Enable Callback” in the Inbound Route editing page.See Figure 6-1:


For example, as the above figure, the trunk number is

5503301, and the user calls the number
5503301 via cell phone whose caller ID is
15960111111. After hearing the ring back tone, the user hang up the phone and MyPBX would call
15960111111 back via the trunk
(5503301). Then the user could pick up the cellphone and dial the number he wants to call after hearing the prompt.