How to connect and configure BRI trunk?
Every BRI module purchased will be supplied with a RJ45-RJ11 cable. (The RJ45 connector is to connect the port offered by BRI provider while the RJ11 part is for the BRI port of MyPBX. See Figure 4-1.)

Steps of configuring BRI trunk:

  1. Connect BRI trunk as the above instructions and log in the web interface (“Status Monitor”->”Line Status”) to check if the connection is successful. If the connection is successful, then the status will show ”OK”. If not, please select the right type of signaling that the service provider requires in the “Edit BRI trunk” page. 
  • Configuration of the inbound routes. One BRI trunk has two channels, i.e. two numbers. So if different destinations for them are preferred, two inbound routes should be defined for this BRI trunk and its two channels can be distinguished by DID numbers, that is, the two numbers of this trunk.
    For example: The two numbers of the BRI trunk are 686867 and 686868. Then you can define two inbound routes (see Figure 4-2) to distinguish them.
  • After the configuration, the incoming calls from BriTrunk9 would reach MyPBX via two routes: BRIin1 (call the number 686867) or BRIin2 (call the number 686868).