Why does the user always hear the prompt that”The number you dialed cannot be reached now, please leave the message after the tone” when calling a specific extension?
The problem might result from one of the following configurations:

  1. The extension has been set up “always transfer to voicemail”; the user can log in “User Web Interface” and uncheck the “always transfer to voicemail” option.
  2. The extension or the phone has enabled “DND” function.
  • If it is the extension that enables”DND”, then it can be canceled by entering the feature code (the default value is”
    ”) on the phone. Also the user could log in “User Web Interface”, select “Settings” and uncheck the DND option.
  • If it is the phone that enables “DND” function, and you can see the “DND” on the phone screen, please cancel the “DND” function according to User Manual of the phone.