2 MyPBX could possibly be optimized in order to be used as the fail-over system that could supply rapid fail-over in case of program failure. After the active machine failure is detected, all of the telephony will be switched in order to the standby server immediately. Thus the downtime had been kept to a complete least to guarantee the normal operation of all functions for users.

How it operates

There requires two similar MyPBX for Hot Standby settings. One means primary machine and another as supplementary server. If both web servers set up simultaneously and so are associated with equal operational health, the principal server would end up being the energetic server as the secondary machine acts because the standby machine. Each server has its private IP address that allows server management and settings replication to be carried out between your two servers through the IP network. However the users talk to either major server or secondary machine via virtual IP deal with, that is activated only upon the existing active server. When the principal server fails, this changes towards the standby state and the extra server changes to the particular active state. The digital IP address will be turned on automatically on the supplementary server. Therefore the users would certainly register to secondary machine utilizing the same IP deal with. Then your administer will be informed of the server failing via email or TEXT.

The word “high availability” identifies a server solution made to increase service availability. The particular MyPBX redundancy setup demands two identical MyPBX techniques. One MyPBX can be the particular active server and another the passive server.
After the high availability setup is manufactured, the active MyPBX may replicate his configuration plus data to the unaggressive MyPBX to help keep it up-to-date. If the active MyPBX crashes or fails the particular service will failover in order to the passive server.