Configure IP PBX MyPBX Callback

Callback configuration When the callback feature is enabled, the user could dial an inbound route number and hang up after hearing the ring back tone or wait to be hung up by the system automatically. Then MyPBX will call the user via the trunk. After the call is get through, the user could dial the

ring back trunk internal extension response?

It is because of the mismatch of signaling. Please select “Trunk”->”Analog Trunk”, and change the value of “Caller ID Start” and “Caller ID Signaling” in the editing page. In most cases, the problem could be solved by changing the value of “Caller ID Start” from “Ring” to “Polarity” . But if not, please change it

Outbound calls is working but SIP Calls are not

Please add a new inbound route for this SIP trunk alone and define ““DID number” ” to enable it match all DID numbers (i.e.: define the DID number as “.” which will match any remaining digits). If this SIP trunk has several DID numbers and different DID numbers called are supposed to be led to

How to connect MyPBX to skype?

About This Guide Skype Connect™ provides connectivity between your business and the Skype community. MyPBX helps you to connect to Skype via Skype Connect. By adding Skype Connect to MyPBX, your business could save on your communication costs with little or no additional upgrades required. Once the Skype SIP trunk is registered on MyPBX, you

Analog trunk always in busy status

Why is the analog trunk always in busy status even when there is no call? It results from the incorrect configuration of “Busy Detection”. Please log in the Web Configuration Panel and check if the value of “Busy Detection” is “yes” in the Analog Trunk editing page. (The default value is “yes”) If the value

Why the phone screen displays unknown?

Why the phone screen displays “unknown” instead of Caller ID once the caller calls through the analog trunk? It might derive from: The trunk doesn't have Caller ID service. To be able to confirm it, please connect the PSTN line right to the analog phone and call it via cellular phone to check if there

Extensions Fail to make outbound calls or receive inbound calls

The extensions fail to make outbound calls or receive inbound calls. The admin logs in the Web Configuration Panel to check the problem, but the screen shows “502 Bad gateway”. After rebooting, everything goes OK, but the above problem repeats again a while later. What’s wrong? It’s because that MyPBX has mapped the port to