Remote Working Solution


Remote Working Solution Easy to enable mobile and VoIP home-working. IP solutions present you with flexibility whilst maintaining control of employees and costs. Increase productivity with effective solutions.


Redundancy Solution


2 MyPBX could possibly be optimized in order to be used as the fail-over system that could supply rapid fail-over in case of program failure. After the active machine failure is detected, all of the telephony will be switched in order to the standby server immediately. Thus the downtime had been kept to a complete


Remote Office Solution


MyPBX provide seamless communications between sites. Enjoy the benefits of extension to extension calls via your data network, extending your available resources across your multiple locations.

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GSM IP-PBX Solution


IP-PBX with GSM/UMTS Connectivity With GSM/UMTS technology becoming one of the major wireless communication technologies, GSM communication occupies 70% of the wireless communication market and takes on an added importance in business communication. As the most economic wireless communication solution nowadays, it even costs less than wired system. MyPBX is a GSM IP-PBX that integrates

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Combine PBX with MYPBX


An existing phone system PBX is present in your company. A redundant and protects your previous phone system with the new one. Combining the old conventional PBX to the new MyPBX IP-PBX.

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Billing System


Flexible Billing Prepaid and Postpaid Service Prepaid and postpaid modes provide real-time billing and charging for extensions of MyPBX. Prepaid service: the extension is recharged first, and call fees are deducted from the balance right after the call ends. When the balance reaches the limit credit, the system will automatically

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Phone systems communication for SMB and Enterprise


MyPBX SOHO Perfect for small offices and businesses with less than 30 users, MyPBX SOHO can be an affordable, yet fully-featured embedded hybrid IP PBX with ISDN PSTN and BRI connectivity, providing a cost-effective solution for the business. MyPBX Standard MyPBX Standard offers unrivalled functions for SMBs ( around 100 users) at the competitive price

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